Hepatitis delta virus

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NameAccession NumberIdentical Sequence(s)
Motifs *
Sequence length
(in nucleotides)
vHDV.001 X04451rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(334A, 518C, 489G, 337T)

vHDV.002 D01075vHDV.029rzD+ / rzD-1682 nt
(339A, 504C, 485G, 354T)

vHDV.003 M28267rzD+ / rzD-1683 nt
(338A, 506C, 482G, 357T)

vHDV.004 I05150rzD+ / rzD-1682 nt
(334A, 519C, 490G, 339T)

vHDV.005 M21012rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(332A, 514C, 493G, 340T)

vHDV.006 M58629rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(329A, 519C, 485G, 345T)

vHDV.007 M92448rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(344A, 517C, 482G, 333T)

vHDV.008 M55042rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(331A, 517C, 491G, 340T)

vHDV.009 X60193rzD+ / rzD-1683 nt
(315A, 507C, 496G, 365T)

vHDV.010 M84917rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(332A, 507C, 490G, 349T)

vHDV.011 local:vHDV.011rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(334A, 505C, 492G, 348T)

vHDV.012 local:vHDV.012rzD+ / rzD-1425 nt
(257A, 447C, 405G, 316T)

vHDV.013 L22066rzD+ / rzD-1681 nt
(339A, 522C, 483G, 337T)

vHDV.014 L22063rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(319A, 529C, 495G, 334T)

vHDV.015 local:vHDV.015rzD+ / rzD-1676 nt
(343A, 514C, 487G, 332T)

vHDV.016 X77627rzD+ / rzD-1674 nt
(345A, 502C, 477G, 350T)

vHDV.017 X85253rzD+ / rzD-1676 nt
(323A, 515C, 502G, 336T)

vHDV.018 U81989rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(325A, 519C, 501G, 334T)

vHDV.019 U81988rzD+ / rzD-1674 nt
(346A, 510C, 477G, 341T)

vHDV.020 U19598rzD+ / rzD-1676 nt
(303A, 509C, 508G, 356T)

vHDV.021 AJ000558rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(330A, 516C, 492G, 340T)

vHDV.022 AF018077rzD+ / rzD-1676 nt
(314A, 527C, 490G, 345T)

vHDV.023 AF098261rzD+ / rzD-1672 nt
(331A, 512C, 488G, 341T)

vHDV.024 AF209859rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(318A, 526C, 492G, 342T)

vHDV.025 AJ307077rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(330A, 518C, 490G, 341T)

vHDV.026 AF309420rzD+ / rzD-1676 nt
(323A, 514C, 489G, 350T)

vHDV.027 AF104264rzD+ / rzD-1684 nt
(318A, 511C, 494G, 361T)

vHDV.028 AF104263rzD+ / rzD-1676 nt
(346A, 505C, 483G, 342T)

vHDV.029 NC_001653vHDV.002rzD+ / rzD-1682 nt
(339A, 504C, 485G, 354T)

vHDV.030 AB037949rzD+ / rzD-1674 nt
(318A, 511C, 508G, 333T)

vHDV.031 AB037948rzD+ / rzD-1673 nt
(325A, 508C, 496G, 332T)

vHDV.032 AB037947rzD+ / rzD-1672 nt
(316A, 508C, 509G, 339T)

vHDV.033 AF425645 rzD+ / rzD-1682 nt
(314A, 514C, 498G, 356T)

vHDV.034 AF425644 rzD+ / rzD-1674 nt
(339A, 507C, 486G, 342T)

vHDV.035 AB088679rzD+ / rzD-1682 nt
(310A, 514C, 502G, 356T)

vHDV.036 AX741210vHDV.p224rzD+ / rzD-1688 nt
(350A, 505C, 477G, 356T)

vHDV.037 AX741209vHDV.p223rzD+ / rzD-1685 nt
(332A, 513C, 486G, 354T)

vHDV.038 AX741169vHDV.077rzD+ / rzD-1680 nt
(313A, 516C, 501G, 346T)

vHDV.039 AX741164vHDV.079rzD+ / rzD-1687 nt
(321A, 507C, 495G, 360T)

vHDV.040 AX741159vHDV.078rzD+ / rzD-1697 nt
(327A, 525C, 484G, 354T)

vHDV.041 AX741154vHDV.080rzD+ / rzD-1697 nt
(314A, 520C, 491G, 344T)

vHDV.042 AX741149vHDV.081rzD+ / rzD-1697 nt
(319A, 528C, 493G, 340T)

vHDV.043 AX741144vHDV.082rzD+ / rzD-1672 nt
(313A, 508C, 488G, 359T)

vHDV.044 AB118840rzD+ / rzD-1675 nt
(326A, 510C, 487G, 352T)

vHDV.045 AB118841rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(321A, 520C, 484G, 352T)

vHDV.046 AB118842rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(323A, 520C, 487G, 349T)

vHDV.047 AB118843rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(320A, 521C, 489G, 347T)

vHDV.048 AB118845rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(324A, 518C, 480G, 355T)

vHDV.049 AB118844rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(315A, 521C, 490G, 351T)

vHDV.050 AB118846rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(321A, 498C, 496G, 363T)

vHDV.051 AB118847rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(313A, 526C, 493G, 346T)

vHDV.052 AB118848rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(345A, 517C, 480G, 336T)

vHDV.053 AB118849rzD+ / rzD-1675 nt
(365A, 498C, 470G, 342T)

vHDV.054 AB118839rzD+ / rzD-1683 nt
(323A, 522C, 489G, 349T)

vHDV.055 AB118838rzD+ / rzD-1684 nt
(321A, 518C, 494G, 351T)

vHDV.056 AB118837rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(322A, 516C, 467G, 373T)

vHDV.057 AB118836rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(324A, 516C, 494G, 344T)

vHDV.058 AB118835vHDV.059rzD+ / rzD-1685 nt
(322A, 517C, 497G, 349T)

vHDV.059 AB118834vHDV.058rzD+ / rzD-1685 nt
(322A, 517C, 497G, 349T)

vHDV.060 AB118833rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(319A, 516C, 500G, 344T)

vHDV.061 AB118832rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(314A, 518C, 501G, 346T)

vHDV.062 AB118831rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(322A, 518C, 495G, 344T)

vHDV.063 AB118830rzD+ / rzD-1683 nt
(321A, 524C, 492G, 346T)

vHDV.064 AB118829rzD+ / rzD-1680 nt
(313A, 524C, 498G, 344T)

vHDV.065 AB118828rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(319A, 515C, 494G, 350T)

vHDV.066 AB118827rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(323A, 505C, 493G, 356T)

vHDV.067 AB118826rzD+ / rzD-1678 nt
(324A, 508C, 487G, 359T)

vHDV.068 AB118825rzD+ / rzD-1684 nt
(325A, 520C, 494G, 345T)

vHDV.069 AB118824rzD+ / rzD-1681 nt
(326A, 516C, 491G, 348T)

vHDV.070 AB118823rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(317A, 518C, 499G, 345T)

vHDV.071 AB118822rzD+ / rzD-1680 nt
(324A, 513C, 492G, 351T)

vHDV.072 AB118821rzD+ / rzD-1684 nt
(325A, 514C, 494G, 351T)

vHDV.073 AB118820rzD+ / rzD-1679 nt
(325A, 506C, 489G, 359T)

vHDV.074 AB118819rzD+ / rzD-1683 nt
(321A, 519C, 493G, 350T)

vHDV.075 AB118818rzD+ / rzD-1677 nt
(321A, 509C, 494G, 353T)

vHDV.076 AY261457rzD+ / rzD-1680 nt
(308A, 509C, 503G, 360T)

vHDV.077 AJ584849vHDV.038rzD+ / rzD-1680 nt
(313A, 516C, 501G, 346T)

vHDV.078 AJ584848vHDV.040rzD+ / rzD-1697 nt
(327A, 525C, 484G, 354T)

vHDV.079 AJ584847vHDV.039rzD+ / rzD-1687 nt
(321A, 507C, 495G, 360T)

vHDV.080 AJ584846vHDV.041rzD+ / rzD-1697 nt
(314A, 520C, 491G, 344T)

vHDV.081 AJ584845vHDV.042rzD+ / rzD-1697 nt
(319A, 528C, 493G, 340T)

vHDV.082 AJ584844vHDV.043rzD+ / rzD-1672 nt
(313A, 508C, 488G, 359T)

vHDV.083 AY633627rzD+ / rzD-1676 nt
(335A, 512C, 487G, 342T)

vHDV.084 AY2614581614 nt
(307A, 489C, 490G, 328T)

vHDV.085 AY2614601680 nt
(309A, 511C, 502G, 358T)

vHDV.086 AY2614591682 nt
(309A, 508C, 505G, 360T)

vHDV.087 AM1833271681 nt
(319A, 518C, 487G, 356T)

vHDV.088 AM1833281688 nt
(323A, 517C, 484G, 356T)

vHDV.089 AM1833291680 nt
(329A, 504C, 480G, 358T)

vHDV.090 AM1833261691 nt
(322A, 536C, 493G, 331T)

vHDV.091 AM1833331674 nt
(314A, 521C, 482G, 341T)

vHDV.092 AM1833321677 nt
(311A, 517C, 489G, 357T)

vHDV.093 AM1833301681 nt
(321A, 523C, 497G, 336T)

vHDV.094 AM1833311687 nt
(318A, 519C, 493G, 349T)

vHDV.095 EF5149071676 nt
(346A, 508C, 480G, 342T)

vHDV.096 EF5149061676 nt
(343A, 507C, 476G, 350T)

vHDV.097 EF5149051676 nt
(341A, 503C, 483G, 349T)

vHDV.098 EF5149041676 nt
(352A, 501C, 472G, 351T)

vHDV.099 EF5149031676 nt
(341A, 508C, 477G, 350T)

vHDV.100 AY6489521678 nt
(315A, 527C, 492G, 344T)

vHDV.101 AY6489571675 nt
(346A, 512C, 476G, 341T)

vHDV.102 AY6489591674 nt
(338A, 509C, 486G, 341T)

vHDV.103 AY6489551678 nt
(319A, 532C, 491G, 336T)

vHDV.104 AY6489581674 nt
(341A, 510C, 486G, 337T)

vHDV.105 AY6489561675 nt
(347A, 509C, 475G, 344T)

vHDV.106 AY6489541678 nt
(313A, 527C, 495G, 343T)

vHDV.107 AY6489531678 nt
(316A, 525C, 491G, 346T)

* Legend :
Hammerhead Ribozyme
Hairpin Ribozyme
delta Ribozyme
RY Motif